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Binary.comlà một nhà môi giới tùy chọn nhị phân. Nó được thành lập vào năm 2000 và được chính quyền tài chính châu Âu chính thức công nhận. Bạn có thể tin tưởng và giao dịch ở đây. Bạn cũng có thể sử dụng robot để giao dịch.

binary.com image
binary.com image

The most popular binaryoptions broker.There are also many prizes to be won by a qualified broker with binary.com. Brokers are guaranteed to three traders.1. Guaranteed the best price. 2. You can design your trading system manually. 3. Your money here is safe.

Another highlight ofbinary.comis the online teaching or academy system. Daily Asset Diagnostics eBooks Analysis Report (Many brokers can apply). Charts for free. So, I think binary.com is best suited for novice binary options that have been used as a starting point for making a profit with the binary option.

Highlights of binary.com

1. Be a binary broker. The oldest option is Broken One. Founded in 1999.
2. No withdrawal fee is charged.
3. A team of over 90 support staff to take care of Thai people and people around the world.
4. Nowadays, there are over 1 million trader members and more every day.
5. The exact location of the office is in Malta, Lsle of Man, Malaysia. And in Japan.
6. Have a license to open a company for legal purposes. Click here for details.
7. Support System Support English and Thai!

Why binary option traders worldwide choose binary.com

1. The graph corresponds to the Inter-bank Option.
2. Returns may be higher than 100%
3. No hidden commissions.
4. Can withdraw money from $ 1 – $ 50,000 through the transfer or E-Payment such as skrill.
5. Have a wide selection of Forex trades.
6. Choose a minimum contract length of 10 seconds and a maximum of 365 days.
7. Platform is very easy to use. Learn from trading. 1-2 times.
8. Brokers’ financial status in AAA-Inter bank

More from the author.

If you are a beginner in the binary options trading system, the author recommends that you learn and start trading at binary.com first because trading systems are easy to understand. Support is in Thai. You do not have to worry about all the steps of trading binary.com, then the knowledge of trading with this broker. It is also the basis for trading with other brokers as well.

So if you want to change your lifestyle quickly with trading. Do not wait to choose binary.com service, then you will love this brokers as more than 1 million people around the world!

How to Register Binary options

1.Click hereto visit the binary.com website.


2. Enter your email and press Create Free Account.


3. Check your email. To apply the code to the Verification Token field.



Once you have the Verification token code, proceed to the next section.


4. After clicking Create Account, it will load the web page into the $ 10,000 Dashboard, so that you can preview the demo. If you want real trading, you need to upgrade your system.


5. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription.


6. Within the e-mail will specify the details.


How to upgrade account to real trading with binary.com




Upgrade to Real Account ready for deposit.


Email updates are available, and details are available via email.



When we actually open Real acount. The next step is to deposit money into the system.

How to deposit into binary.com

Depositing money into binary.com can be done in many ways.

1.Login Login and click on Cashier.


2. Select the type of deposit required. Let me explain:

Type 1here we can deposit both. Debit card (recommended) or credit card. Also pay through e wallet, which I recommend you use the web service skrill, because I can deposit and withdraw money from the skrill to the Thai bank quickly within 2-5 business days.

Type 2here will be deposited through agents in Thailand. It is easy to deposit and withdraw money as well.

When you want to make a deposit, press the Deposit button in type 1 or 2 as you wish.


3. If you click on the Deposit button, you will come to the front page. To make a deposit


4. Select the deposit channel.



5. I choose to skrill (here if you use Visa or through bitcoin is not a step like me. You can do it yourself. Not difficult indeed)


6. The system will redirect to this page so we fill in the Skrill information.


7. Press thePAY NOWbutton.


8. Completed


9. The system will notify both the dashboard and the email that we have deposited. Now we are ready to trade and make profit with binary.com.


For some people may choose to deposit into type 2.



How to trade with binary.com

When we make a deposit successfully. The next step is the trading process. Which has a simple way. As shown below. But for a better understanding. I would like to explain the expansion in each of the following.

1. Select a trading market:
This is a great way to make money from forex trading. Then follow by the currency selection. The example is EUR / USD.

2. Choose how to make a profit:
The system will be available in three main types.

2.1 Up / Down or stabbing It means predicting future prices that rise or fall. If we were right in the contract time frame. We will get paid. (Recommend this)
Touch / No-touch 2.2 or top or bottom line And if the price reaches the line within the contract period. We will be paid
2.3 In / Out or contract finish under line Or above the line.
If you want to know how to trade your own best, then you may choose to try the three types and see the results compare.

3. Select Start time:
This is a guide to Now or the current trading now.

4. Specify contract duration:
Here we can specify the contracting speed for a minimum profit of 1 min (1 min) until 365 days.

5. Select Payout:
It means the amount of money placed. Recommend to start at $ 10 for seeing a quick profit.

6. Choose spike up or down:
This will change the trading method you choose in the second. But the main thing about this. The system will tell you the profit you will receive in the box that write the net profit as well as the percentage of the return, such as 81.2% etc.



My trading examples

I choose the forex trades in EUR / USD, set a duration of 5 minutes and need a total return of $ 10, which means I will have to spend 6.26 if I choose to bet or use 6.64 if I stabbed.


But for this money pair, I chose to thrust down (press the Purchase button beside the word Lower)


Click on View will appear on this page. We will see the graph running. The line that we opened the line is 1.05956, which if within 5 minutes the graph is running. Running until the price below the line. I will get money immediately.


! I guess it’s cheap. The graph falls below the line at the end of time. I earned $ 3.36 immediately!


I advise you to use Indicators as well as how to manage capital. It will help your Binary options trading more secure. And can make huge profits sustainable!

How to withdraw money binary.com

How to withdraw money is simple. When you deposit money through channels. To withdraw money through it offline. For example, if you deposit money through Skrill, you can withdraw money via Skrill. I can withdraw money in many ways. The steps of withdrawal are as follows.

1. Go to Cashier page.

2. Press the Withdraw button to withdraw.




Then wait for money within 1-3 business days only. Completed the withdrawal.

A technique that can be applied to binary.com.

In order for you to have a trading platform to make a profit with binary.com, you may want to read the article below, which is considered a binary option in the Thai language and it helps you make more profit. More speedy with offline.


Limitations of binary.com

Based on my trading experience with binary.com, I see some minor limitations. There is no effect on trading. That is, you graph the valleys display in terms of profit or loss. If the system has not closed the contract we hold. We can feel that there are numbers that can be predicted, such as graphs show that we have profit. But prices are still negative. This is not a shock. When the graph is closed. The system will report the correct result immediately!

Binary.com summary

For the beginner Or every season. To learn how to trade binary options professionally. If you want to make a profit with the binary, you can choose binary.com and then you will be surprised that you do not want to change the broker ever.

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กรอกข้อมูล เพื่อขอรับ eBook คู่มือเทรดไบนารี่ออฟชั่น พร้อมติดตามข่าวสารใหม่ๆของวงการ อัพเดทก่อนใครถึงมือคุณที่นี่!

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